For just over 15 years, I've been sharpening my skills in areas like art direction, brand management, layout & ad copywriting, both in the commercial & private sectors. Birdie Blue is my own "can do" effort to contribute inspired and clever works for those in need of "darn good, 2 thumbs up, shoestring budget" creative services. 

Specifics: Ads (magazine, digital) - Banners (social media, website, etc) - Print (posters, ep/album cover art, promo) Logo (BASIC - single, band, name) - Copywriting (ads, posters)

If you're a songwriter/artist/band in need of an updated social media look, a souvenir merch/gig poster or single/EP artwork inquire to see if we can get you where you need to be.

Part of the Family

We've worked with the following: Social Family Records, Americana Music Association of Australia (2018 Roots & Branches Award), Gretta Ziller, Andrew Swift, The Weeping Willows, Jen Mize & Mark Sholtez (Twilight on the Trail), Brooke Russell and the Men Reds, Nat Henry (Dearly Departed), Cathy Dobson, Moonshine Coalition, Rick Hart, Jemma Nicole, Paddy McHugh (Three Chords and the Truth), Matt Henry (Late Nite Alt), Megan Cooper (Cake & Cordial Sessions), Brad Butcher, Allison Forbes (Med Show Sessions), Tori Forsyth, Katie Brianna, Rhythms Magazine: Americana Sessions, Amber Rae Slade and the Mighty Big Noise, Sam Newton, Pete Daly, Deanna Rose, The DAG Sheep Station, Gareth Leach, Matt Ward and more.....SAMPLE PORTFOLIO

Posters by Shelton

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